Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Computer countryside" brewing changing situation

According to the current capacity of the rural market and the pre-PC "appliances to the countryside" pull the preliminary estimates sales growth situation, "the computer to the countryside" policy to boost the overall size of the IT sales of 10 billion yuan.

March 4, Lenovo Group, officially launched in Beijing, "the computer to the countryside" program, announced the availability of product, channel, service, training initiatives, including a package, and shows tailored for rural users of 3 large series of 15 products price spread between 2,500 yuan to 3,500 yuan.

Lenovo Group Vice President and General Manager, Xia Li said China, the next three years will build 700 Lenovo the sales, marketing, service, training, promotion, product experience in one county, "the landmark store." 7800 channels while building sales outlets, in-depth 320 000 administrative villages, and gradually allow the user to buy a Lenovo computer within an hour. Lenovo will also sell the new certificate store 30 000 engineers, in-store products to help users apply for subsidies for rural areas.

"In the past quarter, Lenovo Group and other enterprises in the world by global economic upheaval. 'Computers to rural areas' for the company's response to the crisis is a big plus." Senior industry insiders believe.

Estimates of the trade, "the computer to the countryside" policy introduced, for the PC industry is expected to contribute about 5% increment.

According to China Internet Network Information Center released a report, the rapid growth of rural Internet users are becoming an important part of new Internet users. Latest figures show the number of Internet users now only 5,000 people in rural areas, proportion of the total number of farmers received less than ten, which means that there are huge gaps in rural computer market.

China's poverty alleviation and development, the Chinese village Jiangren Chong, deputy director of the Office of Liaison Engineering, in interview with this reporter said: "Computer countryside" is not only a means to deal with economic crisis, but also lead to the rural market potential, "initiation point" .

HP's global PC boss that in 1-3 urban market is becoming saturated, 4-six urban and rural markets will play a very important role.

Face begin to emerge in the rural market potential, PC giants have been racing to look to "rural" open a second front. It is reported that addition to Lenovo, the Founder, the same side, Haier, and HP, Dell, Acer and other domestic and international mainstream PC companies are heavily invested, added to the "computer to the countryside" in the bidding race. Even less involvement on the consumer market, the wave, and also the countryside for effort invested.

However, market participants that, given the popularity of the rural market information, transport, personnel training, the relative backwardness of the tender, in addition to demanding products, the company's sales on the PC network coverage, transportation, storage distribution capabilities, service network etc. is a test.

It is understood, natural disasters and financial crisis, the domestic PC business last year's results of operations generally fall into the doldrums, many PC manufacturers have shown negative growth. Have been among the top ten computer brands in the seven-up last year in the first half year net profit fell 85.39 percent in the third quarter results continued loss of 16.63 million yuan; another old PC maker Great Wall, the first half of Nearly half net profit decline was also received; fought from the PC industry, household appliances TCL, more because of the financial crisis forced contraction PC front.

Some analysts believe that, compared with other domestic PC makers, the "computer to the countryside" for the enterprises have a greater significance. Preliminary estimates, "Computer rural areas" will be basically realized in the next 3 years, 27 million -3,600 million new computer needs, and promote the growth of well-known brand new computer sales reached a total of 18.03% -26.37% or more.

In addition to external PC, PC software, peripherals and other related industries will also be in the "computer to the countryside" policy benefit. Some analysts said that under the current capacity of the rural market and the pre-PC "appliances to the countryside" pull sales growth in the preliminary estimate the situation, "the computer to the countryside" policy to boost the overall size of the IT sales of 10 billion yuan. "Computer countryside" for the entire PC industry will bring an unprecedented "shuffle."

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