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Photoshop plug-in filters

Filter (Filter) as third-party plug-in (Plug-in) add to Photoshop, ImageRready, PaintPro other image software to produce special effects. Some of the filters can be applied in a variety of image processing software, but that seems to plug-in type. (The following description is mainly to Photoshop filters)

General filter to 8bf as extension, as long as the put Photoshop's Plug-in directory, then restart the initialization Photoshop can be found in the Filter menu, if you install a lot of filters, Photoshop built-in filter emissions will change with the original location. Now most of the filter software to install the form of installation, adjustment of the basic need of manpower.

Although some small filters may need to manually put your plug-in's folder, but I hope we do not suspect that these small problems, because these small filters also have a powerful, long as we can use, you will find that these small Practical between the filter.

Some special effects filters, or they are only unique product, very difficult to find comparable to other software, so that we can not determine by looking at its version of the software is outdated.

There are many ways by the filter, such as the software itself, or when the software upgrade version will add some new filters; because the designer a huge demand for filters, so the major software companies have produced images many characteristics of filter software, they may sell, perhaps distributed free of charge, may offer trial versions so. Famous have Ulead, Extensis others.

If you install a large number of filters, but not often used, the proposed first delete it, because Photoshop started, we need to initialize the filter, that will slow down the boot process.

Filters to produce special effects, is not able to speak a few words to do, as long as we know the filter is able to change out that you can imagine or can not imagine them like the concept of image effects, and other things that we must constantly Try a variety of filters, will gradually see.

:: Instance of the application articles::

* Filter the Xenofex
Xenofex is a can create glass, walls, mosaic, lightning and other effects of the filters.

* Filter the BladePro
BladePro is a material applied to image processing filters. Means that the effect of the picture, such as wood, paper and other material superimposed on another picture, the original ordinary picture into the special effects a variety of textures.

* Filter the PhotoTools
PhotoTools is a Photoshop functions and filters to enhance the software.

* Filter the FeatherGIF
We often will use a transparent Gif image on the page, or want to picture the edge trim handled more natural, attractive, will use fade, edge feathering, edge grain and so on, if you use the FeatherGIF filter, then then you deal with the picture of the edge will become a quick and easy.

* Filter the Four Seasons
"Four seasons" filter name suggests, is a specialized nature such as production of seasonal effects filters.

* Filter the KPT6.0

PHOTOSHOP Need filter kpt6.0 (9)
PHOTOSHOP Need filter KPT6.0 (8)
PHOTOSHOP Need filter KPT6.0 (7)
PHOTOSHOP Need filter KPT6.0 (7)
Need Photoshop filter KPT6.0 (6)
Need Photoshop filter KPT6.0 (5)
The Supreme PHOTOSHOP filter KPT6.0 (4)
The Supreme PHOTOSHOP filter KPT6.0 (3)
The Supreme PHOTOSHOP filter KPT6.0 (2)
The Supreme PHOTOSHOP filter KPT6.0 (1)

KPT Equalizer (KPT Equalizer) filter is a great one and adjust the picture sharpness and soften filter.

* Filter the EXTENSIS Photo Graphics

Photoshop top aides - EXTENSIS Photo Graphics (c)
Photoshop top aides - EXTENSIS Photo Graphics (2)
Photoshop top aides - EXTENSIS Photo Graphics (1)

Friends, often when using Photoshop to want to draw some geometry, arranged according to the word curve and so on. Fitted EXTENSIS company produced Photo Graphics filter all solved.

* The ULEAD Particle filter
ULEAD Particle Filter includes a bubble effect, fluorescence effects, rain effects, and 8 different filters, so we can use it to add the image naturally drops, rain, smoke, fog and other special artistic effects, in order to rendered image, to create a remarkable atmosphere.

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